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Residential Roofing

The roof on top of your house is as important as the foundation under it. For in both cases what is in between will certainly have issues; and big ones at that if the top and bottom are not built and maintained right.
HomePro provides roofing for new and existing buildings. Our professional staff will schedule an appointment at your convenience and then provide a detailed assessment of your roof program to include: life expectancy, maintenance required, repairs needed or re-roofing recommended.
All projects are provided in writing and clearly show the jobs done, costs involved, materials used and time to completion. No surprises; unless your count the one at the end when the homeowner says “Wow”.

Commerical Roofing

Just as “home is your castle” for the homeowner; the commercial building is “your bankbook” to the owner. No business can prosper if the physical plant is not properly built and maintained. And no business owner should trust their bankbook to anyone but a trusted contractor. HomePro is your trusted contractor for commercial buildings. We have the knowledge and resources to tackle just about any job. And with any commercial job there is always provided a detailed inspection followed by a written estimate and job timeline


HomePro Services



I have been in the elevator repair business for many years, now retired. Im very satisfied with homepros work. The work and the clean up was perfect. The men take pride in their work and did quality job.

Rick Hoebbel



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